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Why HIPAA Compliance Training is Important


If an organization or an individual is associated with the healthcare industry, it is mandatory that they get HIPAA training. Organizations or individuals sometimes need to handle protected healthy information of PHI which includes its storage, use, transmission, or conversion of data from non-standard to standard formats among other aspects. So, in whatever you handle this information, what is important is that if you have any role in handling this type of information, you need to undergo this compliance training. It is also important to consider the significance of taking the various levels of training which are relevant to your job role.


There are two levels or categories for this training - for beginners, and for professionals or organizations.


If you are taking the beginners' training, this focuses on training an entity, group, individual, or organization on the HIPAA basics. This will help you brainstorm on how to make you organization HIPAA compliance. The most recommendable HIPAA training certification is the Certified HIPAA Privacy Association (CHIPA). This entity level certificate is recommended for students, the general workforce, and new entrants to the industry. It is important to note that unless you have taken the entry level certification, you may not be qualified to take certification exams in the higher levels or to handle information requiring such expertise, go here and know more!


The Professional or Organization category involves people who already understand the HIPAA compliance basics and wish to know more on being HIPAA compliant. In this category, candidates will be required to take the Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE), Certified HIPAA Security Expert or the Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert training program. This actually depends on the specifics of your job role. For example, if entities handle PHI at a higher level and their policies have to be in accordance to the HIPAA Security rules and regulations, then CHSE certification is their best option, but those handling privacy issues will need CHPE certification, while those that deal with both of them will need the CHPSE certification. Click here for more info!


This means that depending on your needs for meeting HIPAA compliance standards, any of the certifications will be necessary. In HIPAA training, organizations will also know the risks involved if they are not certified to handle PHI and the benefits that come along with it. To read more on the importance of learning hot to be HIPAA compliant, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_privacy_law.


A person is not limited to CHPE even though he handles the privacy section of the HIPAA compliance act. He can also upgrade his security compliance skills and work on getting the CHPSE certification.